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Part 6 – video crossing Uzbekistan

I was tired but truly psyched as I was entering Muynak area. On a whim I have chosen a Yurt Camp right next to the old shipyard, which I kind of knew it will not be cheap but it was located exactly where I wanted to be. The bonus was that I got to spent my first night in a yurt, plus a very friendly guy with whom I have spent the entire evening chatting and sharing some beers. The perfect ending for a long and tiring day.

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Part 5 – video crossing South Kazakhstan

The next day though was one of the first decision point of the journey. All the the gang was planning to stay for one or more days on Aktau, to rest and/or take care of visa papers for the next parts of their journey. But I was already very tempted to push forward so that I could have a chance to get into Mongolia in time for Naadam, their national festivities.

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Part 2 – north side of Turkey

It was already late afternoon and I still had more than 250Km to go (according to my goal of sleeping somewhere close to Istanbul and close to the Black Sea beach) – but what the heck, this was my first day of the adventure. So I’ve went all-in, of course against all good advices everywhere: “especially during the first days, take it slow and don’t do long miles days”. Yeah, right :D.