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Full GPS tracks route Mongolia 2018 0

Mongolia and back overland – The route

Since I’m honest all the way and this is an actual “after” post, the real final route was a bit different. It’s available here and except for the Mongolia part (and a bit before and after) this map is based on actual GPS tracks. A wee bit under 30.000 Km – so I still have my skills of lengthening any routes that I’m planning :D. My Garmin Zumo tricked me into losing some of the recorded tracks, so the Mongolia parts had to be recreated manually.

Traseu moto Romania Norvegia Nordkapp Capul Nord 12

Capul Nord – Nordkapp sau in cautarea cuiului

In mare traseul propus arata cam ca in poza alaturata, dar asta chiar intr-un foarte vag mare. Per total ne planuim sa urcam prin Europa de Est: Ucraina, Belarus, Lituania, Letonia, Estonia, Rusia (doar un pic, cat sa mirosim atmosfera din Sankt Petersburg), Finlanda si in fine Norvegia si Nordkapp – Capul Nord. De acolo, prin minunatia de fiorduri si paduri imense ale Norvegiei, vom incepe drumul de intoarcere prin: Norvegia, Suedia, Danemarca, Germania, Cehia, Slovacia si Romania, inapoi acasa.